SuppData.pdfPDF document349KSupplementary data S1. All motifs detected in S1, S2, S3 and S4 lists of peaks. The 'peak-motif' tool was used, with default parameters
SuppDataS2.pdfPDF document135KSupplementary data S2. Detailed lists of peaks associated with parameters in S1, S2, S3 and S4, located in the promoters of genes (800 bp). The names of the genes are indicated, together with information related to the presence of a PDRE motif in promoters and DNA-binding evidence in the YEASTRACT database. All Pdr1p targets stored in YEASTRACT are also noted
SuppDataS3.pdfPDF document122KSupplementary data S3. Detailed results of bPeaks analyses in Candida yeast species
SuppDataS4.pdfPDF document146KSupplementary data S4. Peak-calling results obtained with MACS, SPP, BayesPeak and bPeaks programs on Pdr1p data
SuppDataS5.tifTIFF image4036KSupplementary data S5. Illustrations of peaks detected in promoter sequences of Pdr1p targets. bPeaks results are shown in red, MACS in orange, SPP in green and BayesPeak in purple

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