• Tin;
  • Phosphanimine


Crystal Structure and Vibrational Spectrum of (H2NPPh3)2[SnCl6]·2CH3CN

Single crystals of (H2NPPh3)2[SnCl6]·2CH3CN (1) were obtained by oxidative addition of tin(II) chloride with N-chloro-triphenylphosphanimine in acetonitrile in the presence of water. 1 is characterized by IR and Raman spectroscopy as well as by a single crystal structure determination: Space group equation image, Z = 2, lattice dimensions at 193 K: a = 1029.6(1), b = 1441.0(2), c = 1446.1(2) pm, α = 90.91(1)°, β = 92.21(1)°, γ = 92.98(1)°, R1 = 0.0332. 1 forms an ionic structure with two different site positions of the [SnCl6]2− ions. One of them is surrounded by four N-hydrogen atoms of four (H2NPPh3)+ ions, four CH3CN molecules form N–H···N≡C–CH3 contacts with the other four N-hydrogen atoms of the cations. Thus, 1 can be written as [(H2NPPh3)4(CH3CN)4(SnCl6)]2+[SnCl6]2−.