Cover Picture: ZAAC - Journal of Inorganic and General Chemistry 6/2011


The cover picture shows the octaanion of the salt [Et3MeN]8[{AgCl(GeB11H11)}4]. This silver chloride adduct was synthesized by reacting the silver halide with an equimolar amount of the nucleophile germa-closo-dodecaborate [Et3MeN]2[GeB11H11]. The Ag-X heterocubane compound was also isolated and characterized in the case of silver bromide. Both silver halide adducts show germanium-silver coordination and crystallize in the monoclinic space group C2/c with half of the octaanions in the asymmetric unit lying on a twofold axis of rotation. More details are discussed in the Short Communication by L. Wesemann et al. on pp. 643ff.