Two-Step Synthesis of a Novel Cd17 Sulfide Cluster through Ionic Clusters



A novel discrete neutral Cd17 sulfide cluster (denoted CMM-9) with seven corners has been synthesized by slow diffusion of methanol into a mixed solution (DMF/CS2 = 1:1, weight ratio) containing an ionic starting material CMM-4. The structures of CMM-4 and CMM-9 are determined from single crystal X-ray diffraction data collected at 150 K. The structure of the new Cd17 cluster is distinctly different from the well-known C1 cluster that also has 17 Cd sites. The UV/Vis spectrum of the new cluster CMM-9 revealed a maximum absorption at 305 nm in DMF solution, which is slightly red-shifted compared to the regular C1 cluster (C1, [Cd17S4(SPh)28]2–, with a maximum absorption at 296 nm).