Synthesis and Structure Determination of Two Neutral Cadmium Thiophenolate Clusters



The polynuclear complexes [Cd8S(SPh)14(DMF)3] (1) and [Cd17S4(SH)2(SPh)24(PPh3)2] (2) were prepared by an organometallic synthesis route. X-ray diffraction on single-crystals revealed a hexagonal closed packing of the cluster unit in 1 in the triclinic space group Pequation image. Compound 2 crystallized in the monoclinic space group C2/c. In contrast to related cluster compounds, the ligand sphere of 1 is expanded resulting in an unusual trigonal-bipyramidal coordination of one of the cadmium ions. The heterogeneous composition of the ligand sphere of 2 results in the formation of individual cluster molecules.