Construction of Two Coordination Complexes Based on 5-(4-Pyridine N-oxide) Tetrazole (4-ptz) Generated by an in-situ [2+3] Cycloaddition Reaction


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Solvothermal reactions of 4-cyanopyridine N-oxide, NaN3, and hydrated MCl2 (M = Cu, Co) in a mixture of EtOH/H2O afford the 3D polymer [CuI(4-ptz)]n (1) and the mononuclear complex [CoII(4-ptz)2(H2O)4] (2) (4-ptz = 5-(4-pyridine N-oxide) tetrazolate). The crystal structures of both compounds were determined by X-ray crystallography, in which the ligand 4-ptz exhibited different coordination modes. The thermal stability of 1 was measured by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and the solid state luminescence property of 1 was investigated at room temperature.