CsNaC2, CsKC2, CsRbC2 – Syntheses and Crystal Structures of Three New Acetylides


  • Dedicated to Professor Wolfgang Bensch on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday


Three new alkali metal acetylides CsNaC2, CsKC2, and CsRbC2 have been synthesized and characterized by means of synchrotron powder diffraction studies. As a new synthetic approach, the binary alkali metal acetylides were reacted at relatively low temperatures (200 °C). DSC measurements were performed to prove the general usability of this reaction. CsKC2 and CsRbC2 crystallize in a variant of the anti-PbCl2-type structure (Pnma, Z = 4), while for CsNaC2 a new structure type (Pbcm, Z = 4) is found.