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An Oxygen/Chlorine Double-Capped Praseodymium Tetramer Cluster Complex with Thiazole


  • Dedicated to Professor Wolfgang Bensch on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday

  • Supporting Information for this article is available on the WWW under or from the author.


A tetramer cluster complex of the formula [Pr4Cl10(OH)2(thz)8(H2O)2] was prepared constituted by two edge sharing metal triangles coordinated by thiazole (thz) and chloride ligands bent together by opposing μ3-hydroxide and chloride capping for both triangles. The tetramer is the first thiazole complex of a lanthanide ion and shows a previously unknown symmetric capping mode. It co-crystallizes with an anhydrous dimeric complex of the formula [Pr2Cl6(thz)8] in equal amounts.