A Practical and Inexpensive One-Pot Synthesis of Bis(indenyl)­dimethyltitanium with Aqueous Workup Procedure


  • Supporting Information for this article is available on the WWW under http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/zaac.201300433 or from the author.


A simple, reliable, and reproducible procedure for the multi-gram synthesis of highly pure bis(indenyl)dimethyltitanium is presented. The procedure relies on a one-pot conversion of inexpensive indene, methyllithium, and titanium tetrachloride to [Ind2TiMe2] and a convenient and quick aqueous workup protocol. Overall, quantities of several grams of [Ind2TiMe2] can be synthesized within a few hours. The procedure can also be used for the synthesis of [Cp2TiMe2] from cyclopentadiene, methyllithium, and titanium tetrachloride.