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Activation of 1, 2-Dihydrodisilanes at Platinum(0) Phosphine Complexes: Syntheses and Structures of Bissilyl Platinum(II) Complexes



The bissilyl complexes 36 were synthesized by reactions of the platinum(0) complexes [Pt(η2-C2H4)(diphos)] (1: diphos = dppe; 2: diphos = dcpe) with the disilanes 1, 1,2, 2-tetramethyldisilane and 1, 1,2, 2-tetraphenyldisilane via Si–Si bond activation. The molecular structures of 4 and 5 in the solid state are reported. The reaction of 2 with HPh2SiSiPh2H led to the immediate formation of the hydrido disilanyl complex [Pt(H)(SiPh2SiPh2H)(dcpe)] (7), which converts slowly into the bissilyl complex [Pt(SiHPh2)2(dcpe)] (6). The latter was reported before to be a η2-disilene complex.

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