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The cover picture shows illustration of an ampoule after short way transport reaction of red phosphorus forming fibrous phosphorus and close-up views of red phosphorus and the grown fibrous phosphorus crystals. In the background the tubular ([P8]P2[P9]P2[)-strands of fibrous phosphorus are depicted. The crystal size of the fibrous phosphorus is up to 1–2 mm. For the first time phase pure material of fibrous phosphorus in significant amount was successful realized by a mineralizator driven reaction using CuCl2. A change of this mineralizing additive from common iodides to chlorides led to the successful synthesis of this fascinating allotrope. To identify and verify the phase relations between the different phosphorus allotropes we applied the in situ method of high-temperature gas balance (HTGB) in order to analyze the vapor pressures during formation. The red, black and fibrous allotropes were examined pointing towards a surprising order of stabilities in contrast to text book knowledge. More details are discussed in the article by Nilges, Schmidt et al. on pp. 2741ff.