Electron-rich, Nitrido-bridged Ruthenium Complexes


  • Supporting Information for this article is available on the WWW under http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/zaac.201400166 or from the author.


Terminal RuIV nitride [RuN{N(CH2CH2PtBu2)2}] (1) and [RuCl{N(CH2CH2PtBu2)2}] (2a) form an equilibrium with bridging nitride [{(tBu2PCH2CH2)2N}Ru(μ-N)RuCl{N(CH2CH2PtBu2)2}] (3a). While 3a could only be spectroscopically characterized yet not isolated, the reaction of the divinylamido chloro complex [RuCl{N(CHCHPtBu2)2}] (2b) with half an equivalent azide directly gave the analogous bridging nitride [{(tBu2PCHCH)2N}Ru(μ-N)RuCl{N(CHCHPtBu2)2}] (3b), which was isolated and fully characterized.