• Transverse isotropy;
  • electro-elastic field;
  • potential theory method;
  • intensity factors.


This note revisits the electro-elastic coupling behaviors of a transversely isotropic piezoelectric half-space with a charged surface electrode. A different idea is provided by employing the three-dimensional (3D) general solution of electro-elasticity as well as generalized potential theory method. Compared with the previous studies, the method in this study is very simple and straightforward. The potential theory method is successfully extended to non-axisymmetric case and the electrode can be of any planar configuration. For a charged penny-shaped electrode, exact and complete 3D analysis is conducted. The validity of the present solutions is achieved numerically and analytically via comparing with those in literature. Some phenomena, which have escaped the attention of previous researchers, are observed. The present solutions are of theoretic and practical significance to serve as benchmarks for numerical codes and simplified studies.