Zoo Biology

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July/August 2012

Volume 31, Issue 4

Pages 397–505

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    1. Noninvasive monitoring of adrenocortical function in captive jaguars (Panthera onca) (pages 426–441)

      Valéria A. Conforti, Ronaldo G. Morato, Anderson M. Augusto, Lúcio de Oliveira e Sousa, David M. de Avila, Janine L. Brown and Jerry J. Reeves

      Article first published online: 23 SEP 2011 | DOI: 10.1002/zoo.20409

    2. Monitoring the gestation period of rescued Formosan pangolin (Manis pentadactyla pentadactyla) with progesterone radioimmunoassay (pages 479–489)

      Shih-Chien Chin, Chen-Yen Lien, Ya-Ting Chan, Chun-Lin Chen, Yi-Ching Yang and Lih-Seng Yeh

      Article first published online: 22 AUG 2011 | DOI: 10.1002/zoo.20413

    3. Housing with Females Increases Testosterone and Cortisol Levels in Captive Groups of Black-Handed Spider Monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) (pages 490–497)

      A.L. Cerda-Molina, L. Hernández-López, G. Díaz-Díaz, F. Mejía-Varas, R. Chavira and R. Mondragón-Ceballos

      Article first published online: 18 MAY 2012 | DOI: 10.1002/zoo.21004

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