This article corrects:

  1. An Investigation Into the Chemical Composition of Alternative Invertebrate Prey Volume 31, Issue 1, 40–54, Article first published online: 25 March 2011

In the article cited above, retinol should be replaced with “Total Carotenoids” in the abstract (page 40, line 16), Table 3 (page 46), and text referring to Table 3 (page 47, line 4). No retinol was found in the insects analyzed. Additionally, the Vitamin A column in Table 3 should be deleted.

The corrected Table 3 appears in next page.

Table 3. Vitamins E and A, and Select Carotenoids Content (Mean ± SD) of Selected Invertebrates
   [α-Toc][DHL][Lut][Zea][AHL][Bcry][Bcar][Total Carotenoids]
SpeciesSample size[Vit E] IU/kg DMamg/kg DM 
  1. S, small; M, medium; L, large; A, adult; Vit E, vitamin E, α-Toc, α-tocopherol; DHL, dehydrolutein; Lut, lutein; Zea, zeaxanthin; AHL, anhydrolutein; Bcry, β-cryptoxanthin; Bcar, β-carotene; Vit A, vitamin A.

  2. a

    Vitamin E activity calculated as 1 mg α-toc = 1.49 IU.

 Blatta lateralis (S)521.7±2.814.5±1.908.9±1.87.8±1.512.0±1.44.2±0.63.0±0.635.9±5.2
 B. lateralis (M)517.0±2.111.4±1.405.0±0.84.7±0.99.3±1.64.1±0.91.7±1.524.8±3.7
 Eublaberus distanti (S)118.412.40131.80042.957.7
 E. distanti (L)521.6±5.214.5±3.5010.3±9.01.0±0.60048.2±18.059.5±27.0
 E. distanti (A)220.1±6.313.5±4.305.5±1.33.0±0.70054.7±0.863.2±2.7
 Gromphadorhina portentosa (S)623.9±5.516.0±3.811.0±7.216.3±9.33.1±2.501.7±0.722.7±13.454.7±24.7
 G. portentosa (A)921.1±7.714.2±5.218.2±12.324.2±14.03.7±3.403.5±2.466.3±54.8115.8±72.0
Other species          
 Drosophila melanogaster (A)5166±31112±2100.4±0.3000.2±0.40.1±0.20.7±0.6
 Microcentrum rhombifolium (A)5164±54110±360155±12959.0±12.333.3±14.4490±114148±99886±275
 Tenebrio molitor (A)49.0±2.16.0±1.400.2±0.30003.4±4.03.6±4.2
 Zophobas morio (A)517.8±5.612.0±3.802.4±2.0000.1±0.19.6±6.212.0±7.8

The authors regret this error.