The effect of insulin on proteins associated with free, cytoskeletal-bound and membrane-bound polysome populations.


Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Bergen, Årstadveien 19, N-5009 Bergen, Norway.


It is known that insulin treatment increases the rate of protein synthesis in many cells and tissues and that it causes changes in the distribution of ribosomes between free (FP), cytoskeletal-bound (CBP) and membrane-bound polysome (MBP) populations. This paper concerns an analysis of the pattern of proteins in high-salt extracts of FP, CBP and MBP isolated from Krebs II ascites and MPC-11 cells. A combined detergent/salt extraction procedure was used to isolate the three fractions of polysomes from control cells and from cells following short-term stimulation with insulin. There were differences in the protein patterns in the individual fractions and changes occurred after insulin stimulation.