The effect of spermine on the disaccharidase activities in suckling rats of different age.


Department of Pediatrics, Osaka University Medical School 1-1-50 Fukushima Fukushimaku, Osaka 553, Japan.


The influence of the age of the rat on the maturation of disaccharidase activities induced by spermine was studied. Three-day- and 9-day-old rats were used in the experiment. Spermine was administered orally or directly into the stomach using thin tubing daily for 3 days, and disaccharidase activities in the jejunum were measured. While spermine caused maturation of not only lactase activity but also maltase and sucrase activities in 9-day-old rats, it only caused maturation of lactase activity in 3-day-old rats. Histological studies showed no significant changes in the jejunum of 3-day-old rats treated with spermine.