The structural changes in erythrocytes membranes were examined before and after the second heat shock of erythrocytes. Electrophoretic separation of protein erythrocyte membranes for cells incubated at 48.5°C was different from control i.e. from erythrocytes incubated at 37°C. No quantitative or qualitative changes were spotted in comparison with protein membranes isolated from the erythrocytes following single or double heat shock.

Fluidity of erythrocytes membranes was determined by using spin labels, 5-doxylstearic acid and 16-doxylstearic acid. The membranes were more rigid in their hydrophobic regions after incubation of cells at 44°C. It can be suggested that erythrocyte membranes play some role in thermotolerance and heat damage of enuclate cells.