• Minipig;
  • Hamster;
  • Hypothermia;
  • Cryopreservation


Temperature of culture can be used to modulate cellular metabolism for improving small intestinal cell culture and cryopreservation. An hypothermia pretreatment (2 days at 25°C and 3 hours recovery at 37°C) improved hamster cell survival to freeze-thaw damage (p < 0.01) but decreased the survival of 2 immortal pig ileal cell lines even though epithelioid IPI-2I cells were more tolerant to hypothermia than IPI-I fibroblasts. Epithelioid cells survived 3 days at 25°C with unaltered expression of cytokeratin-18 whereas colonies of fibroblasts did not survive more than a day at 25°C (p < 0.001). These results suggest that hypothermia-tolerance of pig ileal cell lines might differ according to cell lineage calling for further experiments on small intestinal primary cell culture.