• annexin;
  • Brucella;
  • phagocytosis;
  • macrophage


Annexin I is an abundant protein in U937 cells differentiated towards a macrophagic phenotype. These cells become able to killEscherichia coli, however, the intracellular pathogenBrucella suis, known to interfere with phagosome maturation, multiply in these differentiated cells. We have analysed by confocal and electron microscopy the cellular localization of annexin I during phagocytosis of yeast, non-pathogenicE. coliand the intracellular pathogenB. suis. Using immunocytochemical detections annexin I was found mainly as patches in the cytoplasm of uninfected cells. Upon phagocytosis of yeast orE. coliorganisms, annexin I rapidly translocated and concentrated around phagosomes. On the other hand, annexin I was never detected around liveB. suis-containing phagosomes. However, when dead brucellae were used, annexin I did translocate to the periphagosomal region. Our results suggest that annexin I could play a role in the molecular mechanism of phagosome maturation, which is impaired by some intracellular pathogens.