• enterocytes;
  • hepatocytes;
  • renocytes;
  • growth factors;
  • cell proliferation;
  • mitotic rate


It has been demonstrated that mosquito larvae crude extract has an inhibiting effect on the mitotic rate of several mouse cell populations. The sampling period was 16–24h after treatment, when mitotic peak normally occurs. The present paper reports the effect of mosquito larvae crude extract on the proliferation of hepatocytes, renocytes, Lieberkhün crypt enterocytes, and sialocytes. In this case, the sampling period covered the dark phase of the day, during the first 12h after treatment. Colchicine-arrested metaphases were controlled at 20/04, 00/08 and 04/12 (Time of Day/Time Post Injection). The mitotic rate was significantly increased in hepatocytes and renocytes and inhibited in duodenum enterocytes. In view of the time chosen to administer the treatments and the time elapsed until sampling, we conclude a probable effect of the extract at the G2-M point of the cell cycle.