• primordial germ cells;
  • germline chimera;
  • transgenic chicken

Primordial germ cells (PGCs) from stage 27 (5.5-day-old) Korean native ogol chicken embryonic germinal ridges were cultured in vitro for 5 days. As in in vivo culture, these cultured PGCs were expected to have already passed beyond the migration stage. Approximately 200 of these PGCs were transferred into 2.5-day-old white leghorn embryonic blood stream, and then the recipient embryos were incubated until hatching. The rate of hatching was 58.8% in the manipulated eggs. Six out of 60 recipients were identified as germline chimeric chickens by their feather colour. The frequency of germline transmission of donor PGCs was 1.3–3.1% regardless of sex. The stage 27 PGCs will be very useful for collecting large numbers of PGCs, handling of exogenous DNA transfection during culture, and for the production of desired transgenic chickens.