• primary cilia;
  • Golgi;
  • acetylated tubulin;
  • detyrosinated tubulin;
  • connective tissues

Detyrosinated and acetylated α-tubulins represent a stable pool of tubulin typically associated with microtubules of the centrosome and primary cilium of eukaryotic cells. Although primary cilium—centrosome and centrosome—Golgi relationships have been identified independently, the precise structural relationship between the primary cilium and Golgi has yet to be specifically defined. Confocal immunohistochemistry was used to localize detyrosinated (ID5) and acetylated (6-11B-1) tubulin antibodies in primary cilia of chondrocytes and smooth muscle cells, and to demonstrate their relationship to the Golgi complex identified by complementary lectin staining with wheat germ agglutinin. The results demonstrate the distribution and inherent structural variation of primary cilia tubulins, and the anatomical interrelationship between the primary cilium, the Golgi apparatus and the nucleus. We suggest that these interrelationships may form part of a functional feedback mechanism which could facilitate the directed secretion of newly synthesized connective tissue macromolecules.