• G2;
  • tongue;
  • hepatocytes;
  • mice;
  • tumour


The authors studied the effect of either extracts from liver (LE) or the malignant tumour ES2 (TE) or plasma from intact mice (PI) or tumour-bearing animals (PT) on the mitotic activity of the hepatocytes and tongue keratinocytes in young, growing C3H/s male mice (28±1 days old). Animals standardized for periodicity analysis were injected intraperitoneally with either TE, LE, PI, PT, or saline (S) at 16:00h with 0.01ml of sample/g of body weight and were then killed at (time of day/h post-injection) 20:00/04, 00:00/08, and 04:00/12. Colchicine (2μg/g) was injected 4h before death. Samples of the liver and tongue from each animal were processed for histology and assessment of mitotic index. The results were expressed as colchicine-arrested metaphases/1000 nuclei. The TE and LE stimulated the mitotic activity of hepatocytes and tongue keratinocytes. Taking into account the time elapsed between the injections and the measurements made in these light-dark synchronized animals, we conclude that the increase in mitotic index observed in those tissues stemmed from a reinitiation of cell-cycle traverse in a subpopulation of G2-arrested, noncycling cells.