• blebs;
  • colchicine;
  • fNLPNTL;
  • lamellipodia;
  • polarity


We investigated the role of myosin in polymorphonuclear leucocyte (PMN) shape changes, locomotion, and fluid pinocytosis using the myosin inhibitor 2,3 butanedione monoxime (BDM). Treatment of resting spherical PMNs with BDM produced spheroid cells showing small continuous shape changes (IC50=15.5m m BDM) and occasionally small blebs. Cell polarity, as induced by the chemotactic peptide fNLPNTL or by colchicine, and locomotion were completely suppressed (IC50=8.4 to 10m m). Suppression of fNLPNTL- or colchicine-induced cell polarity produced spheroid cells, suppression of PMA-induced shape changes and fluid pinocytosis produced non-motile spherical cells (IC50=25 to 30m m BDM). BDM suppressed formation of lamellipodia but not formation of blebs. Suppression of microvilli by BDM as observed in resting spherical cells was partially antagonized by PMA. The results suggest that myosin is involved in stabilizing the shape of resting spherical cells, including microvilli, and that myosin is required for cell polarity, locomotion, fluid pinocytosis and for formation of lamellipodia, but not for formation of blebs.