• extremely low frequency magnetic fields;
  • calcium oscillations;
  • signal transduction

We have previously reported that the T cell line Jurkat registers the exposure of a sinusoidal extremely low frequency magnetic field at the level of the plasma membrane, resulting in activation of the tyrosine kinase p56lck, increase in inositol-3-phosphate levels and increase in intracellular calcium concentration within minutes. To elucidate if these events associated with changes in intracellular calcium ion levels were biologically significant, transient transfections of Jurkat cells were performed with calcium-ion dependent reporter constructs. Three different enhancer/promoter constructs were studied coupled to the luciferase reporter gene. The luciferase activity of each construct was measured after treatment of transfected cells to EMF exposure alone, or in combination with ionomycin, phorbol ester or cross-linking anti-CD3 antibodies. There was no indication that the used EMFs could influence any of these reporter constructs.