• cell-cycle progression;
  • human monocytes;
  • human B lymphocytes;
  • human T lymphocytes;
  • sister chromatid exchanges;
  • MAC (Morphology, Antibody, Chromosomes) technique


The effect of monocytes (MNs) on baseline SCEs and kinetics of human lymphocytes in plasma leukocyte (PLCs) and whole blood cultures (WBCs) was studied. Baseline SCEs in PLCs were nearly two-fold over WBCs. No differences in SCEs were observed between PLCs and MN-depleted PLCs, indicating that SCEs from PLCs are independent of MNs. MNs titration into PLCs decreased proportionally SCEs. Reconstitution of depleted PLCs with concentration of MNs equivalent or higher than those of PLC decreased SCEs. No variations of lymphocyte kinetics in PLCs were observed in the absence/presence of MNs. The proportion of B and T-cell subsets among interphasic lymphocytes were similar in PLC in the absence/presence of MNs, but a significant increase in the proportion of mitotic T8 lymphocytes was observed. Accordingly, MNs modulate both the in vitro basal SCEs and the mitotic activity of T8, but not their cell-cycle kinetics.