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The Relationship Between Nurses and Nurse-Midwives


  • Clara D. Kimbro R.N., Dr., P.H.

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    • 1Dr. Kimbro received her bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Maryland. She has held several positions in nursing education both at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland School of Nursing. Dr. Kimbro has been most active in the Maryland Nurses Association having served as president of that organization for several years. She is an active member of her community and is a member of an ad hoc committee to establish a health systems agency for central Maryland. She has a doctorate of public health from the School of Hygiene and Public Health of The Johns Hopkins University.

      Dr. Kimbro's association with nurse-midwives has been long and veiled and yet she is primarily a public health nurse who is involved in bringing together all members of the health team to effect the most competent health care that we can provide. Currently, Dr. Kimbro heads a program for public health nurses at the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health.