• Kathryn McElroy Swingle C.N.M., M.S.

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    • Kathryn McElroy Swingle received her B.S.N. degree from Georgetown University and graduated from the nurse-midwifery program and received an M.S. degree from Columbia University. She has worked as a staff nurse with the United States Public Health Service/Indian Health Service at Fort Defiance, Arizona, and in private hospitals in New York City.

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Commercial marketing techniques are being used by health-care providers to identify potential consumers, measure their needs and desires, and to package the health-care service accordingly. Many medical centers have created marketing departments. In view of the increasing trend toward competition in women's health care delivery, it would behoove the CNM to recognize and utilize marketing tenets. This article proposes to serve as an introduction to basic marketing principles and to describe how they were used to advance a new maternity service.