The accuracy of Leopold's maneuvers in the assessment of fetal presentation and position was studied in 176 subjects. The maneuvers were performed by clinicians during the routine prenatal examination of women who were scheduled for an ultrasound immediately after their prenatal visit. The actual fetal presentation and position were determined during the sonographic examination. Clinicians were correct in their assessment of fetal presentation and position in 85.23% and 60.31% of determinations, respectively. However, only 53% of all malpresentations were assessed correctly. Clinicians with 1 or less than 5 years of experience had higher percentages of correct assessments than clinicians with 3 to 4 years of experience. Overall, the accuracy of the assessments was higher in late pregnancy. However, the percentage of malpresentations assessed correctly decreased near term. Assessments were less accurate for overweight women. Parity did not influence the accuracy of the assessments.