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  • Kathaleen L. Bunce ID, ND

    Corresponding author
      928 A. Middle River Rd., Baltimore, MD 21220.
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    • Kathaleen Bunce grew up in a family where herbs were used for both health and healing. She opened her own business in California, “Healthy Herbs,” where she consulted with and counseled many midwives. Personal knowledge and practical use of herbs played a major part in the birth of her six children over a 20-year period. The last two children were born at home in Arizona with the aid of a midwife. Kathaleen graduated in 1977 from Bernadean University, Van Nuys, California with a Doctor of Iridology degree (id). She then pursued additional studies to earn a Doctor of Naturopathy degree in 1980 from the same university. She has studied with Dr. John R. Christopher, Dr. LaDean Griffin, Dr. Stan Malstrom, and Dr. William McGrath, who presented her with a certificate as an Herbal Consultant. In 1981, she coauthored the book “Iridology and Health: A Total Approach” with Alice C. Thomas. Kathaleen continues to counsel, teach, and write through a business she and her husband created while in Arizona, “Open Awareness,” which is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

928 A. Middle River Rd., Baltimore, MD 21220.


Herbs have been used for many centuries in assisting the birthing process. This article examines the history of herbs, how and why herbs work, and how they work differently than “drugs” within the body. Several single herbs and herbal formula are explained, their pharmaceutical principles are discussed, as well as situations when certain herbs should not be used. Instructions and guidelines for herbal preparation and use also are given.

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