Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is well documented by research studies to be safe and, in many cases, better for women with a previous cesarean birth than a repeat cesarean. The article describes one nurse-midwifery service's policies and procedures for helping women to prepare for and have a trial of labor. During the intrapartal period women with a uterine scar are managed similar to those without a scar except for closer monitoring, lab studies, and intravenous heparin lock. An obstetrician is always in the hospital and available for consultation. Of 53 women attempting VBAC, 83% had a vaginal birth. Those with a previous cesarean for failure to progress had the lowest vaginal birth after cesarean rate of 65%. Maternal and newborn morbidity was low. The authors conclude that nurse-midwifery management of vaginal birth after cesarean candidates is safe and very successful when appropriate physician consultation and hospital services are readily available.