This article is a retrospective descriptive analysis of the first 1,000 births conducted by the Nurse-Midwifery Group of Fresno County, California, over the period from 1980 to 1985. The multiethnic patient population was of mixed obstetric risk. Nurse-midwifery care was offered within the context of a comprehensive maternity care program in close collaboration with a perinatal health care team Patient care outcomes were quite favorable when compared with county and state statistics. A perinatal mortality rate of 7.0/1,000 was observed. The incidence of low birth weight infants (5.7%) and the cesarean section rate (7.7%) were also lower than county and state statistics. These data add to the growing body of literature that suggests that nurse-midwifery care, within the structure of collaborative practice, can be effective and advantageous. The nurse-midwifery service made a contribution to access to perinatal care for the residents of this community.