Practice Issues for the 1990s


  • Mary Ellen Symanski RN, MS

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    • Mary Ellen Symonski, RN, MS, is Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Maine, Orono, Maine. Ms. Symonski has extensive experience in neonatal intensive care nursing and is a Ph.D. candidate at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. Her research interest is in the area of parenting the high-risk newborn.

University of Maine, School of Nursing, 160 College Ave, Osono, ME 04473.


This paper presents an overview of the topic of maternal-infant bonding with applications to the nurse-midwifery care of postpartum mothers and newborn infants. General strategies to enhance bonding immediately after delivery and in the first days of life are provided. The promotion of bonding among low-income women, mothers of diverse cultural groups, and mothers of infants who require special medical care is also discussed.