Several techniques of measuring fundal height have been described in the literature. Differences between the measurement techniques include the following: whether a tape measure or caliper is used to obtain the measurement; whether the uppermost border of the uterine fundus or the fetal pole in the fundus should be used as the superior landmark; which point on the symphysis pubis should be used as the inferior landmark; whether the tape measure should be held in contact with the skin of the maternal abdomen throughout the length of the measurement; and whether the measurement is obtained in the midline of the maternal abdomen or at the highest point of the uterine fundus or fetal pole. Preliminary studies indicate that the various measurement techniques yield different results. However, the differences between the measurement techniques have not been studied adequately and the superiority of one measurement technique has not been demonstrated. Because the various measurement techniques yield different results, it is important that clinicians be consistent in their measurement technique. Future studies should evaluate and compare the various measurement techniques to determine if one technique yields measurements that are more reliable and valid than other techniques.