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Entrepreneurship: The Realities of Today


  • Amy J. Crofts CNM, MSN

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    • Amy Crofts has been a nurse-midwife since 1976. She studied nursing at Illinois Wesleyan University, completed nurse-midwifery in West Lothian, Scotland, and a refresher program in Springfield, Ohio. She obtained her M.S.N. at Northern Illinois University. Since 1983, she has practiced in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has just moved to Madison, Wisconsin.

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Entrepreneurship is a new and developing area for nurse practitioners. This article is a descriptive study of an entrepreneur practice, established by a certified nurse-midwife. Interviews were conducted to determine issues germane to this practice. Third-party reimbursement was identified as a crucial issue. A list of suggested readings related to the issues of entrepreneurships and third-party reimbursement for nurse practitioners is presented.