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Clinical Intervention Framework for a Sexual Complaint of the Perimenopause


  • Margaret Anne Plumbo CNM, MS

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    • Margaret Anne Plumbo received a B.A. in nursing from the College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, Minnesota, and an M.S. and C.N.M. from the University of Minnesota. She is currently an instructor in the nurse-midwife program at the University of Minnesota and a doctoral student in Family Social Science.

Margaret Anne Plumbo, CNM, MS, University of Minnesota School of Nursing, Unit F, 6–101, 308 Harvard Street, Minneapolis, MN 55455–0342.


Integrative systems therapy, a sexual therapy model, can be used by the nurse-midwife in evaluating and managing symptomatic complaints that may lead to sexual problems. Vaginal dryness, commonly experienced by many perimenopausal women, is one of many presenting complaints that will benefit from such a systemic approach to investigation and treatment.