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Entry-Level Degrees for Midwifery Practice


  • Ronnie Lichtman CNM, MS, MPHIL

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    • Ronnie Lichtman is director of the Nurse-Midwifery Educational Program at the Columbia University School of Nursing. She also has a private practice, largely devoted to well-woman gynecology. She is co-editor of Gynecology: Well-woman Care (Norwalk [CT]: Appleton & Lange, 1990) and has worked as a midwife at North Central Bronx Hospital, Harlem Hospital, and the Maternal and Infant Care/Family Planning Project of New York. She is also a curriculum consultant to the Pathways to Midwifery Program at the State University of New York, Stony Brook.

Columbia University School of Nursing, 630 W. 168 St., New York, NY 10032.


The Governing Board of the ACNM Division of Accreditation (DOA) has been charged by the ACNM Board of Directors to consider requiring an entry-level degree for nurse-midwifery practice. This decision has far-reaching implications and must be considered with utmost care. The decision will not be based on the issue of clinical competence but rather, the political statement to be made through the imposition of a degree requirement. The author urges the DOA's Governing Board to consider the implications of its action on a variety of audiences, including potential students, potential consumers, other health professionals, current and future employers, our international colleagues, health insurers and managed care organizations, and policymakers and lawmakers.