• Linda Bergstrom CNM, PhD

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    • Linda Bergstrom earned a BA in nursing from Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota, an MEd in nursing education from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, and a PhD in nursing from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, which is also where she received her nurse-midwifery education. She is a member of the faculty of the nurse midwifery education program at East Carolina University. Greenville, North Carolina.

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Recent developments within midwifery necessitate an examination of whether midwifery qualifies as a discipline as well as a profession. A discipline is a formalized branch of knowledge and is different from, although related to a profession of the same name. The author contends that the discipline of midwifery is undeveloped at present but that the time is right for explicit discussion about what defines the discipline of midwifery.