• Joanne K. Singleton PhD, RN, CS, FNP,

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    • Dr. Joanne K. Singleton is an assistant professor at Pace University, Leinhard School of Nursing, Department of Graduate Studies, New York USA. She holds an appointment with the State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn College of Medicine, Department of Family Practice, USA where she practices.

  • Carol Green-Hernandez PhD, FNS, ANP/FNP-C

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    • Dr. Carol Green-Hernandez is project director of the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Vermont Burlington USA. She has practiced as a family nurse practitioner since 1973 and maintains a private practice with an interdisciplinary practice focus in diabetes.

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This article provides background to the debate surrounding the essential need for interdisciplinary education in primary care. The current resurgence of interest and movement towards interdisciplinary primary care are in response to the serious fiscal constraints confronting health care education and practice. Regardless of the reason for this renaissance, the successful development of “interdisciplinary education for practice models” hinges on learning from history. Placed within a historical context, barriers and benefits to developing these models are explored, and approaches to bringing about interdisciplinary education for practice are examined. Ultimately, interdisciplinary education for practice may be a logical and collegial answer to providing cost-effective, client-centered primary care.