• Patty Brennan BA

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    • Patty Brennan practiced as a primary midwife, attending homebirths, from 1988 through 1997. She has been a childbirth educator since 1983 and is an instructor of homeopathy at Washtenaw Community College Ann Arbor, MI and Schoolcraft College in southeastern Michigan. She is Co-Director of The Holistic Midwifery Institute in Ann Arbor and author of Guide to Homeopathic Remedies for the Birth Bag, 3rd Edition (1997). She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College.

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The basic concepts of homeopathy are presented, including the vital force, the Law of Similars, the Law of Proving, and the Law of Potentization. The method by which the practitioner applies these laws in a clinical setting in order to choose a homeopathic remedy is described. Careful history taking and observation of the client to ascertain the etiology and location of a complaint, associated sensations, factors that aggravate or ameliorate symptoms, the emotional and mental state, general observations, and strange, rare, and peculiar symptoms are stressed. Specific remedy recommendations for the treatment of leg cramps and other pregnancy-induced discomforts, such as anemia, herpes, nausea and hyperemesis, ptyalism, and pica are included. The use of remedies to turn breech and other malpositioned babies prior to term is presented, as well as discussions on the induction of labor and homeopathic intervention for premature labors. A description of how remedies are administered, handled, and stored is included. Finally, qualifications to practice homeopathy and legal issues for midwives are discussed.