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Guidelines for Midwives


  • Cindy Belew CNM, MS

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    • Cindy Belew has integrated herbal medicine extensively into her nurse-midwifery practice in San Francisco for 6 years. She completed her nursing education at Columbia University and received her nurse-midwifery education and master of science degree from the University of California/San Francisco General Hospital Interdepartmental Nurse-Midwifery Education Program. She has attended more than 500 hours of classes in herbal medicine by leading herbalists around the country, and lectures extensively regarding the use of herbs in pregnancy in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Belew, 523 Clipper Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.


The use of herbs to promote health or treat disease has become popular, and midwives increasingly encounter questions from childbearing clients regarding herbs. This article provides an overview of key concepts regarding the incorporation of herbs into clinical practice and discusses the preparation and administration of herbal treatments for common concerns of pregnancy. Safety issues are emphasized throughout.