Unprecedented changes in the delivery and financing of health care have produced angst and opportunity, criticism, and innovation. To explore the effects of these market-driven changes on midwifery, the University of California at San Francisco Center for the Health Professions convened a Taskforce on Midwifery in 1998. Consisting of eight experts from across the country, the Taskforce was charged with exploring the impact of health care system developments on midwifery, and identifying issues facing the profession and the roles midwives play in women's health care. The Taskforce answered its charge by offering 14 recommendations related to midwifery practice, regulation, education, research, and policy. The recommendations incorporate the Taskforce vision that the midwifery model of care should be embraced by, and incorporated into, the health care system in order to make it available to all women and their families. Midwives, educators, collaborators, and policymakers can use the recommendations to develop curricula, practice sites, and laws for an improved health care system that fully includes midwives and encompasses the midwifery model of care. J Nurse Midwifery 1999;44:341–8 © 1999 by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.