• Arp1;
  • Actin;
  • Dynein;
  • Kinesin;
  • Cytochalasin J;
  • Microtubules;
  • mitosis


In this study we extend our analysis of the effect of Cytochalasin J (CJ) on mitotic and interphase cells by the use of immunocytochemical techniques to localize antigens to anti-β-tubulin, anti-dynein heavy chain (HC), anti-dynein intermediate chain (IC), and anti-kinesin antibodies following CJ treatment. Anti-dynein IC and HC staining of CJ treated cells showed a significant reduction in anti-dynein staining in the nuclear region of interphase cells. Monolayer cultures of PtK1cells treated with 10 μg/ml CJ for 10 min showed a significant reduction in pixel luminosity of fluorescence staining using anti-dynein IC and HC antibodies (P<0.05). Cytochalasin J treatment reorganized anti-dynein staining from a cytoplasmic punctate staining with greatest intensity in the perinuclear region, to a more uniform staining throughout the cytoplasm.