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Perineal Trauma: Prevention and Treatment


  • Rona McCandlish RGN, RMN, RM, MSc (Epid)

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    • Rona McCandlish trained as a nurse and midwife in Edinburgh, Scotland. She practiced midwifery in Edinburgh, France, and England before moving into full-time research at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford, England. She has mainly worked on large randomized controlled trials, evaluating important aspects of routine midwifery care, including preparation for breastfeeding, third stage management, and perineal care.

National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, Institute of Health Sciences, Headington, Oxford OX3 7FL United Kingdom.


This article examines two aspects of routine midwifery practice: management of the perineum at the end of the second stage of labor and management and repair of perineal injury. Although some aspects of perineal management and repair have been researched and there is reliable evidence on which to base practice, there remains a considerable and urgent collaborative clinical research agenda that midwives should actively pursue.