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Adolescent Sexual Risk Assessment


  • Kristy K. Martyn RN, PhD, CS, CPNP,

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    • Kristy Martyn, RN, PhD, CS, CPNP, is an Assistant Professor, FNP and PNP Track Co-Coordinator, and a family and pediatric nurse practitioner at the University of Michigan School of Nursing.

  • Rosiland Martin BS

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    • Rosiland Martin, BS, was a Research Assistant in the Center for Health Promotion at the University of Michigan School of Nursing at the time the manuscript was prepared.

University of Michigan, School of Nursing, 400 North Ingalls, Room 3160, Ann Arbor, MI 48109.


This article describes the use of a self-administered event history calendar and interviews about sexual partners, sexual activity, and contraception within the broader context of the adolescent's life. Constant comparative analysis was used to analyze the event history calendar interview data. Detailed 5- to 9-year sexual histories were obtained on the event history calendars, including patterns of sexual activity progression and triggers for unintended sexual intercourse. Discussions of protective and risky sexual decision making were stimulated by adolescents' self-report of sexual risk behavior in their own words and reflective responses on the event history calendar. Both the adolescents and the interviewers thought the calendars encouraged recall and discussion of sexual risk behavior.