New Editors, New Awards, and New Opportunities


  • Tekoa L. King CNM, MPH Editor-in-Chief

By now you know that each issue of the Journal of Midwifery&Women's Health (JMWH) appears sooner in your e-mail than it does in your mailbox. You have also discovered that there are more articles in the online version than in the print version with the online only Media Reviews. What else is new?

Actually, there is quite a bit. This issue welcomes Patricia Aikins Murphy, CNM, DrPH, FACNM, as our new Deputy Editor. Dr. Murphy is a long-term member of the JMWH editorial board. This experience, as well as her expertise in well woman care and research, is a valuable addition to the editorial decision-making process. With the editorial office in Washington, DC, Dr. Murphy in New York, me in California, and the power of the Internet between us, we can move through the manuscript review and revision process efficiently using resources that extend across the country.

This year, the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), Elsevier Publishing, and JMWH are proud to announce the establishment of a new award. The initial Mary Ann Shah New Author Award will be given next year at the ACNM annual meeting. All authors publishing for the first time each calendar year will be considered nominees for this annual award. Mary Ann Shah personally edited every manuscript that appeared in this journal between 1975 and 2000. She mentored authors with grace and a masterfully gentle manner—a skill I can personally attest to and only hope to strive for. An award for new authors in honor of Mary Ann's legacy of support for writing is fitting, and we look forward to choosing a 2003 recipient early next year.

We are also pleased to announce that continuing education units are available for articles in JMWH outside of the traditional two home study program theme issues published biannually. The recent July/August issue contained the first article in our Mini-Home Study Program series on infection: “Smallpox: A Disease of the Past? Considerations for Midwives” by Carolyn Constantin.1 This issue brings you the second in this series in the article titled, “Maternal Serologic Screening for Toxoplasmosis” by Jennifer A. Pinard, MSN, RN, C-FNP, and Nan S. Leslie, PhD, RNC. The third, on human papilloma virus testing, will appear in the January/February 2004 issue. Instructions for completing the post-test, reviewing the answers, and submitting the request for a CEU certificate can be found at the back of each issue.

Our mission is to serve our readers and support our authors. Two years ago, we redesigned the layout, launched the Web site,, and started the process of moving JMWH online. Today, we also offer additional editorial expertise, continuing education units for single articles, and an annual award for new authors. To use a metaphor you will all recognize, I feel like the office got painted, I have a fantastic new partner and several new resources for providing care to my clients. As you can imagine, I feel great! What can we do to help you?