Service Learning: Applications in Midwifery Education


  • Cindy L. Farley CNM, PhD

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    • Cindy L. Farley, CNM, PhD, is director of Greene Midwifery Care, a full-scope midwifery practice located in Fairborn, OH and is faculty in Philadelphia University's Master's of Science in Midwifery program.

Cindy L. Farley, CNM, PhD, 1395 William & Mary Court, Yellow Springs, OH 45387.


Service learning is learning acquired through experiential education that deliberately links service to others with the goal of achieving specific academic objectives. Service learning is an educational innovation that encompasses a wide range of activities and pedagogies while maintaining a commitment to principles of service. Although midwifery is a profession rooted in service to women and their families, scant attention has been paid to the purposeful inclusion of service-learning experiences in midwifery curricula. This article describes service learning and discusses practical applications in midwifery education.