• CaCo-2;
  • Ploidy;
  • Nucleus;
  • Nucleolus


The number of the nucleoli in a CaCo-2 cell nucleus does not generally depend on the quantity of DNA in the nucleus, but nucleolar DNA content is directly proportional to total nuclear DNA. However, in multinucleolar cells (three or more nucleoli), the nucleolar DNA content increases after 96 h incubation in culture without concomitant quantitative changes in nuclear DNA. The percentage of multinucleolar cells and the average number of nucleoli per nucleus increase with increasing incubation time. After 72 and 96 h in culture, multinucleolar cells show distinctive morphologies. The ratio of the sum of nucleolar perimeters to the nuclear perimeter increases linearly when the number of nucleoli in a nucleus increases, but there is no concomitant increase in total nucleolar area or DNA content, except in the 72 and 96 h populations. When the number of nucleoli in CaCo-2 cells increases after 48 and 60 h in culture, the amount of DNA per nucleolus decreases.