• Adipogenesis;
  • Caveolin-1;
  • Vimentin;
  • Actin;
  • Nocodazole


We investigated the involvement of caveolin-1 and the cytoskeletal proteins, actin and vimentin, in the adipogenesis of bovine intramuscular preadipocyte (BIP) cells. Immunoblot analysis demonstrated that levels of caveolin-1 and actin gradually increased during adipose conversion in BIP cells, whereas a slight decrease was observed for vimentin. We found that part of the vimentin was clearly distributed to caveolin-1-enriched membrane fractions in BIP cells, but actin was not. During adipogenesis of BIP cells, treatment with the tubulin depolymerizer, nocodazole, significantly increased intracellular triglyceride accumulation compared to non-treated cells. Immunocytochemical analysis showed that actin microfilaments were significantly disrupted in nocodazole-treated cells. Also, a decrease in the localization of vimentin in caveolin-1-enriched fractions and a failure of vimentin to co-immunoisolate with caveolin-1 were observed in nocodazole-treated cells. These results suggest that a rearrangement of cytoskeletal proteins has a role in the intracellular accumulation of lipid droplets during adipogenesis of BIP cells.